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New Product Announcement
Altima HET

The all-new Altima HET Series features the sleeker, more modern tank design for the Altima Toilet Series. The new tank comes standard with high-quality R&T fittings that are compatible with current Altima bowls. The NEW Altima HET tanks will begin shipping on June 1, 2016.

Features include:

  • Upgrade with Altima
  • Stylish trip lever
  • Color matched; chrome lever available
  • R&T fittings standard
  • New Box Rim Design
  • Precision punched rim
  • Enhanced swirling action
  • Clean bowl every flush
  • Sanitary bar on bowls
  • Powerful Siphon Jet
  • Added power
  • Quickly evacuates bowl
  • 1000 gram MaP Test
  • Standard on all bowls

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