1908 - The Briggs Manufacturing Company was founded by Walter Owen Briggs to become the world’s largest independent producer of automobile bodies. As the major car companies began to produce their own car bodies, Mr. Briggs looked for ways to keep his employees working, and in the late 1930's he expanded into steel plumbingware production. With the purchase of Abingdon Sanitary Manufacturing Co. in 1946 and Case Manufacturing in 1963, Briggs not only added production capabilities, but also revealed itself to be an innovative force in plumbing. Case, the developer of the one-piece toilet and the first to manufacture plumbingware in a variety of colors, put Briggs on the cutting edge of the industry. In 1973, Briggs built the Knoxville Steel Plant, which underwent a $3 million update in 2008 and is the largest porcelain-on-steel plumbingware plant in the world.

Briggs was restructured in 2000 to maintain the manufacturing sites for bathtubs and marketing of sanitaryware in the US while relocating the production processes of vitreous china to plants in South America.

Briggs was acquired late in 2011 by its senior management and, as Briggs® Plumbing Products, is now totally American-owned with a renewed focus on business expansion, new products, technology enhancements and supply chain development.

Today, Briggs® Plumbing Products is a major manufacturer and marketer of enameled steel products, vitreous china and faucets for residential, hospitality and commercial applications. Product lines include bathtubs and lavatories, high-efficiency toilets, bidets and urinals, luxury bathroom suites and SAYCO® bathroom and kitchen faucets. With a manufacturing plant and executive offices in Knoxville, TN and distribution and administrative facilities in Charleston, SC, Briggs Plumbing Products are sold throughout North America and the Caribbean.